Alpha 1 Arrival!

Posted Sunday, June 26th, 2011 at 12:47 pm

Day 1:

We arrived today all together on the Ferry from St Thomas around dinner time and then moved on to our boats, Wind Whisper and The Prosecutor. We were all excited about meeting the staff and Mike in the Chart room to find out what we are doing for the summer and all the possiblities for us! After the meeting, it was back to the boats for some dinner. We had amazing Caribbean chicken, cole slaw, and rice. We then had our very first boat meeting, where we got to know each other by playing some ice breakers. We ended the night with a birthday party for Stephen, celebrating his 17th. We all enjoyed funfetti cake. Afterwards, we were all pretty tired from traveling all day so we unrolled our sleeping bags and went to sleep. We are super excited about what it come in the next two weeks!!


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