Ice Cream, Truck Tours, and Small Boat Sailing

Posted Saturday, June 25th, 2011 at 3:06 pm

Candice McFall

June 21, 2011, Day 11

Today was a fantastic day, but when I say fantastic, that is an understatement!

It was an early morning for Venture III at Soper’s Hole, but that is not unusual. Jen and Valentina concocted a delicious and nutritious meal of chopped fruit, yogurt, and granola, also known as parfette. Break is most certainly the most important meal of the day, so everyone dug in to build up their energy for a long, fun day ahead of us.

Our first activity of the day was a car tour with Mr. “Perrywinkle”. The views were insanely awesome and breathtaking, and everyone who brought their cameras along for the ride, I am quite sure took some shots. All of us crew members had a great time and Perry, if all else fails having to do with his career, he would be a stupendous tour guide around the BVI. We even stopped for ice cream… in the morning! But heck, it’s never too early for a sweet, cold treat with this heat.

Once we got back from the tour, it was time to get to work and quickly get underway to sail to Peter Island. Miss Charlotte was our skipper of the day. Erica and Emma barely spoke a word during our sail considering it was the day before Challenge Day. All of us students played our part in helping each other arrive to Peter Island in one piece. Self advocacy when needing a helping hand, communication, planning ahead, and team work are definite necessities for successfully sailing from island to island.

Once at Peter Island, divers got prepared to scuba for the duration of the day. Others, who were not certified to dive, had the option of chilling out on land, or the boat, or going back to Nanny Cay and going small boat sailing. Most of us non divers wanted to be lazy and take a break and hang out, but once that was decided, Emma said we would small boat sail. She was teasing us. Not nice Miss Emma! However, small boat sailing was super fun. Samuel, Alex, Samantha, and I had the opportunity to get to know another staff member of Sail Caribbean, Katie. She was extremely friendly and helpful when she went out on the sail boat with us.

The ride back to Peter Island was quite the adventure in the dingy. A couple of points during the ride, I for sure thought we were going to flip over. Because we flew up and down constantly for about fifteen minutes or so, my bottom got quite the beating! At one point in time Alex almost fell of the dingy. Samantha and I were screaming at the top of our lungs and hysterically laughing simultaneously. Overall, this dingy ride was by far the scariest, but an absolute blast.

Our twelfth day was approaching an ending quickly, but it was not over quite yet. The crew put on some floatation devices and hopped in the water. Then, Emma and Erica handed out drinks. We relaxed in the water for a little sipping on our cokes and tings and had a few laughs (watching Emma and Jen struggle with those fenders was such a riot) while rocking out to the good old eighties music. We then all took our power shower hours while another delectable meal was made. Who would have though such amazing food would be made on a boat with a fridge and freezer that smell absolutely horrendous? Then, our nightly boat meeting took place and then it was off to bed for us children.

Goodnight world! Tomorrow will be another stupendous, fun filled day! Peace out, yo’!


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