Challenge Day and beyond…

Posted Saturday, June 25th, 2011 at 8:25 pm

Sam Balda


We began our first challenge day early with fond farewells to Valentina who had to leave a few days before the end of the program for summer classes. Emma drove Valentina to the ferry on the ski boat while the rest of us went back to bed. We had a leisurely morning playing in the water at Great Harbor then headed for Mountain Point.

What a challenge day entails is an entire sail without assistance from either Erica Emma, and we pulled off our first challenge day with flair and panache. We all talked through each maneuver with each other and even executed a maneuver perfectly that we had never attempted before, (removing a reef on the mainsail while underway). When we arrived at Mountain Point we were dismayed to see that it was already full of boats so we were forced to find a different destination in hopes that there would be more room. We motored to nearby Marina Bay and caught a mooring ball in good time. After a delicious dinner of Caesar salad in tortillas, (prepared by Samantha), we relaxed in the cool of the evening and had our boat meeting. Partway through the meeting Erica and Emma surprised Jen with an early birthday cake, as she was likely to be spending her birthday in transit in Haiti. The cake was delicious even though Emma put twice as much frosting as there was actual cake on said cake and post-dessert everyone headed to bed.


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