Anegada – White sand beaches and Coral Reefs

Posted Monday, June 20th, 2011 at 2:17 pm

Day 8

By Samantha Bisnaire

Today, Saturday, June 18th, we woke up at Monkey Point shortly after 7am to start our sail to Anegada island with Marwan as our skipper.  Anegada island is north of Tortola and is very unique in comparison to its surrounding islands. Its highest elevation is 28ft above sea level which seems odd compared to the other islands with elevations up to 1500ft. The island stretches out for 20miles and has gorgeous white sand beaches surrounded by coral reefs. We picked up our mooring ball in the field after our 3hr upwind sail. Our taxi picked us up for Loblolly Bay at the local hotel near our mooring field shortly after our arrival. We had a gorgeous taxi ride along the shore and saw most of the island before arriving at the beach where we would spend the rest of our day and have dinner. Loblolly bay is a gorgeous beach located on the northern side of the island. The colours are vivid and the beaches stretch out for miles. Upon arriving, a few members of the crew went for a snorkel a bit off shore while the rest of us enjoyed our down time either on the beach or sprawled out in hammocks in trees. We all enjoyed fresh water showers before our first night out at The Big Bamboo.  A variety of meals were ordered from gigantic lobsters to flank steak.  After dinner, we had a short yoga lesson from Valentina  who is a certified yoga instructor.  We had a somewhat serious boat meeting tonight with some “getting to know you” exercises.  As a crew, we shared our inner and outer scars as well as what we are most thankful for. The stars were absolutely incredible, and we all enjoyed trying to find constolations and shooting stars as we lay on our backs near the beach. We headed back to the boat at about 9pm as we are all still recovering from our long night a couple days ago. We fell asleep early and were excited for another full night of sleep to get rested for our sail back to the Tortola area tomorrow.


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