“Who would have thought we only started sailing this boat 8 days ago!” Recap from Yesterday’s trip to Anegada

Posted Friday, June 17th, 2011 at 10:22 am

Day 8:

We woke up very early this morning to get a jump start on getting to Anegada. It was  Challenge Day, and we were completely in charge of the boats. “Boy”  Sam was on the Monet’s helm. He raised the anchor and was first to depart.

While we were sailing, Ben and and Patrick made some delicious muffin cake. After the nice long sail to the island, we arrived to catch the mooring ball. Everyone got it on their first try! We then headed ashore where we took some awesome safari truck taxis to Loblolly Beach. Nate and Mike gave a great Marine Bio lesson about coral reefs. We then did a beach clean up along the shore. Each boat collected a full trash bag then made some trash art. Monet made a statue of a beach bum. Sao Jorge transformed  a large piece of garbage into a work of art. They made a sailboat sailing away from an island covered in trash.

Lastly, Vivaldi designed their boat made out of trash and tons of washed up fish ropes. We were all hungry so we headed over to the Big Bamboo for some lunch. The food was soo good!!! After lunch we enjoyed some ice, beach games, relaxing, and snorkling which was led by Robb. The reef was absolutely amazing! Anegada is the third largest reef in the world.

We packed back into the taxis and headed back to the boats where we began sailing back to Vixen Point. We arrived just as the sun was setting. Jack and Caroline cooked an amazing Italian dinner. We finished with a boat meeting about how well the day went and all the things that we accomplished. Who would have thought we only started sailing this boat  8 days ago! Now we can run one!  It was a nice breezy night filled with stars.


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