Another Beautiful Day in Manchioneel Bay

Posted Sunday, June 12th, 2011 at 9:57 am

Day 4

We awoke to another beautiful day in Manchioneel Bay and had a quick breakfast of cereal and UHT (yum!) and the open water divers headed out for their first dive! Jack and Patrick saw a huge Caribbean lobster and Ellie, Nick, Marissa, Megan and Annie spotted a southern stingray, trumpet fish, and a crashed plane! The rest of the crew headed ashore for beach games and some wakeboarding. Ryan mastered the wakeskate and Ben and Sam tried wakeboarding for the first time. Everyone headed back to boats for a big, delicious lunch of pasta salad. It was a big hit on Monet! We sailed downwind to The Bight on Norman Island with Caroline skippering on Sao Jorge. On Vivaldi, Nick was skipper and led the way to the Bight where Ellie hooked the ball and we had a successful mooring! On Sao Jorge, Megan secured the secondary, demonstrating her knot tying skills with a perfect bowline. We had mahi mahi for dinner and Monet had a blast cooking and dancing. After an action packed day, we all enjoyed a quiet night on board and settled down to bed under a perfect, starry sky.


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