Day 5

Posted Friday, May 27th, 2011 at 5:00 pm

pineapple, provisionsWe woke up at 6:30 today at the docks in Nanny Cay. Feeling refreshed from our first freshwater shower the night before, we began our day with some cereal and fruit at 7:00. After finishing breakfast and our morning jobs John Hall, Caroline and Lauren went to the grocery store to pick up provisions for the upcoming week while the rest of the crew practiced de-docking for the first time. When they returned, we put away all of the food and other provisions and had a brief talk at 10:30 about our plans for de-docking.  Thirty minutes later we left the docks and Frezer and John Hall, who were on lunch duty, made quesadillas for everyone on the boat.  We enjoyed some down time on our long journey to Monkey Point and spent some time in the sun on deck, enjoying the beautiful weather. When we reached our destination at 3:00 we dropped our anchor and spent a few hours snorkeling.  Patrick and Mac prepared pasta with shrimp and broccoli for dinner and we talked and told riddles and enjoyed our meal. When everyone was finished cleaning up dinner we sat down for a late boat meeting with Erica and Claire. Finally, after a long but relaxing day we powered down for the night and went to sleep.



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