Staff Training Day 3

Posted Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 at 4:41 pm

Beneur’s Bay was calm and beautiful this morning. We were not in any hurry to leave and had a navigation lesson before pulling up anchor and heading to The Indians for a snorkeling practical. It felt really good to get into the water for the first time and explored as a group. The highlight of our brief snorkel was when Matt and Lizzie saw a Golden Moray eel.

After getting back to the boats the crew were ready and energized for the sail to Cooper Island. The staff needed all their energy as the leadership team put them through their paces with tacking. There were timed tacking drills and lots of time to practice. Since we were going to pick up a mooring ball at Cooper Island we had a lesson in how to do so. The crews worked really well together to make two very smooth, text book mooring ball pick-ups.

Once we had picked up a mooring ball the staff were surprised by a medical scenario which they dealt with in a efficient, calm way. This got them all thinking about medical emergencies and led nicely into the discussion for the afternoon. We looked at medical topics and how to deal with emergencies before heading back to our boats for showers and a huge meal of Pesto Pasta.

We all gathered on Monet for a staff meeting and had just enough time for a boat meeting before everyone headed to bed to catch up on some sleep.


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