Day 6 Marine Science Expedition

Posted Monday, June 11th, 2012 at 5:02 pm

The sixth day of Kent’s Marine Science Expedition was a challenging one. Tonight we rested at Mountain Point, a three hour sail from Road Town where we started our morning with a two-tank dive, the first on Thumb Rock, the second, The RMS Rhone. Seeing one of the world’s top ten wrecks is magnificent, but when swimming with a six-foot eagle ray as you do it is a memory for a lifetime.

The dive was amazing to say the least, something our non-divers were sad to miss but they enjoyed themselves in town for a few hours and then helped with the provisioning process of the two boats (a very important and yummy job!)

After getting all watered and fueled up, we started to motor out of the harbor and head north to Mountain Point. Sails full, Geneve arrived thirty minuets before Berlin, who, as the sun was setting behind them, their anchor was being set ahead. Just upon arrival, dinner was prepared, a taco salad, elegantly prepared and served with flair on both boats, the meal was delicious!

Now, at 10:00 pm, both boats are quiet, and preparing for sleep after journaling from the dives and lessons that where taught today. Tonight we will need our rest, tomorrow we will be thankful for another full day is planned!


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