Kent Sierra Day 2

Posted Thursday, June 7th, 2012 at 3:34 pm

Kent Sierra Trip Update Day 2- Graham Benton, Kent Sierra Program Director

Kent Sierra is off Docks!! Staff and students spent the morning getting familiar with their 42ft Catamarans Geneve and Berlin. Our first lesson of the program was called “Prior to First”, this involved a walk around the boat, both above and below decks. We learned where all the equipment is kept, how to work the toilets and the kitchen or the galley as we sailors call it!

As we crossed Sir Francis Drake’s Channel we enjoyed our freshly prepared hoagies. We arrived here at Cooper Island Beach Club at 2pm where we will be spending our first night on the boat enjoying a gentle refreshing sea breeze on a mooring ball. On arrival both our Open Water and our Advanced Open Water divers prepared for their first dives. The Open Water students explored the shallow waters as the Advanced students took a boat ride over to Chromis Reef. Zoe, our non-diver took a dinghy ride over to Cistern Rock and snorkeled around with Kyle. He is one of our Marine Science instructors. They got to see the Sand Tile Fish. This is a long, eel-like white and blue fish that builds burrows in the sand out of coral rubble.

Afterwards we all gathered back on the boats and exchanged stories from our adventures. Then we completed the swim test, showered and prepared dinner. Adam and Eleanor prepared a delicious meal onboard Berlin, while Jeremy and Amber produced an equally delicious meal onboard Geneve. We all helped to clean up the boat. Then both boats had a boat meeting and then powered down for the night, our first on the water!




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