Foxtrot 3- Day 12

Posted Friday, August 17th, 2012 at 2:31 pm

Foxtrot 3 Trip Update Day 12- Graham Benton, Program Director

This day is one that we shall remember! We woke you at 7:30 and made breakfast of pancakes. The morning was quite relaxed, an extra ski boat came out to fleet, students  enjoyed  tubing over the waves, while others tried out wakeboarding. As the two boats rotated through, other students played board games.  Afterwards we made lunch and headed towards Long Bay. Long bay is a gorgeous beach. It is about three hundred meters long and is made from beautiful white sand. We took our dinghys ashore. We were not here for fun and games, this was serious.  Through the past two weeks (almost) we have challenged the minds, the courage and the strength of the students. Today, we pitted them against each other. This was the 2012 Foxtrot Olympiad. On one boat, Da Vinci- the Honey Badgers. On the other boat, Van Gogh- The Turbo Turtles.

Both equipped with face paint and flags, we made landfall. There were four battles that we would judge each of the teams in, with various factors breaking ties. First was tug-o-war. This classic game was taken by the Honey Badgers. The second game was the dizzy fender. In this, the lost art of running with a mask and fins on is brought back to life as competitors must dawn their equipment and run to a fender. Once they reached the fender they put their head on the top of it while the other end is firmly planted in the ground and the spin in five circles as fast as they can. Then run back to the starting line. The first team to get all their members through win. This event was taken by the Turbo Turtles.

 The second game was of neither strength or courage but creativity. The great Trash Art off! The two teams were pitted against the odds and sent different directions on the beach to collect their individual teams garbage. After 30 minutes , they came back together and built a piece of art from this. Da Vinci built a honey badger that was fighting a snake and picking up trash at the same time. Van Gogh built a man in a chair who had all this trash around him. This signified the environmental impact of one person. Both were judged on creativity, awesomeness and environmental theme. Van Gogh took two points because of their environmental message and creativity while Da Vinci got awesomeness. Our final battle was a kayak pull where three team members had to sit in the kayak while the rest of their team pulled them across the beach. This was a best out of three. Dock line were attached to the kayaks and they were pulled.  Da Vinci won! Over all we must congratulate both teams for their conduct, and sportsmanship. When all the Olympic games where over, we hung out in the shallow water.

When we got back to boats, we started to prepare for chili cook-off. This is an event were some Chileans that work with Sail Caribbean come out to judge the chili that students make. Students also choose a theme and dress up the boat and the chili, presenting it in these themes. Da Vinci had a camp fire where they told a ghost story, had yellow lights and pretended the cockpit was a tent. Van Gogh had a Chili Fiesta where they dressed up the chili. Both boats made amazing chili , the results will be announced at our awards night back at Hodges Creek. After all of this was cleaned up, we had our final boat meeting on the water and headed to bed.


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