Foxtrot 3- Day 8

Posted Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 at 1:10 pm

Foxtrot3 Trip Update – Day 8 Graham Benton, Program Director

The foxtrot fleet had an early start at Mountain point. The first to rise on each boat wipped up the muffin cake batter and put it in the oven so that the rest of the crew could rise to the smell of breakfast baking and start the day off on the right foot. Each boat quickly up anchored and rounded the northern point of Virgin Gorda, pointing straight for the Bitter End Yacht Club. Entering the channel into the North Sound everyone was excited for the fun to come.

 Both crews quickly grabbed a mooring ball on their first try and took their dinghys ashore. Once ashore, everyone met up for a quick meeting before heading out on the hike around the island. The entire group had a blast exploring the trail and taking in the magnificent views the Bitter End Yacht Club had to offer. Once each crew had rounded the last turn back on to the main strip of the beach, everyone headed to the pub for milkshakes and cold drinks. The refreshments were welcomed gladly and revived the students energy in order to prepare them for an afternoon filled with water sports, beach time, shopping, and small boat sailing. When the afternoon started to wind down, everyone collected their gear and returned to their boats to shower and prepare dinner. Post mealtime and dinner clean up, the fleet returned to shore for a fun evening dance party and time to watch the Olympic closing ceremonies. It was another successful day for Foxtrot 3!


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