Delta 2- Day 16

Posted Sunday, July 29th, 2012 at 9:02 am

Trip Update Day 16 Delta 2  – Eric von Aschwege

 We woke up a bit earlier than usual this morning as we had a lot to pack into our schedule today.  After breakfast, we had a snorkel clean up around the boats.  Arwen picked up two whole trash bags worth of glass bottles, while the ocean floor around Patricia J. was apparently much cleaner.   Once the sea was a bit cleaner, everyone switched gears and began cleaning the boats prior to our final docking in the afternoon.  They cleaned for about an hour, and then began ferrying ashore to Marigot for lunch and exploration around town.  Marigot was quite different during a Saturday morning than it was two weeks ago for Bastille Day, and street vendors were showing their wares and clothing for sale. 

After eating lunch ashore, we went back to the boats, pulled up the anchor, and motored up to Anse Marcel.  Patricia J. anchored in the bay, while Arwen motored right through the narrow channel and docked for one last time.  Patricia J. followed soon after and was docked alongside.  Before anyone could leave for showers however, we had to finish cleaning our boats for one final boat inspection by PD Eric.  It took a few tries, but both boats passed and everyone rushed to the fresh water showers and final Skype calls home. 

We all ate pizza for dinner at 7, and then we had awards and skits, where the highlights and accomplishments of the trip were mentioned.  There were laughs all around, and afterwards we went back to boats for airplane letters and some final social time for everyone.  With an early wake up tomorrow, everyone will be in bed soon!


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