Delta 2- Day 15

Posted Saturday, July 28th, 2012 at 9:11 am

Trip Update Delta 2 – Day 15, Eric von Aschwege

We awoke this morning to a beautiful sunny day and a cool ocean breeze.  In honor of the ancient Greeks and of London’s Summer Olympics starting today, we also celebrated our tradition of Sail Caribbean Olympics!  Each boat dressed for the event with colored face paint and blue tape, then ferried ashore to the beach in Anse Colombier.  PD Eric announced the challenges and wished each team the very best of luck in the competition.  To get things started, we had the Dizzy Fender Relay, in which students wore a full set of snorkel gear, ran to the fender, spun around the fender 5 times, then attempted to run back!  Hilarity and silliness ensued, and ultimately Arwen took the win, ahead by just one person! 

After a hard workout like that, everyone was eager to get in the water – which they did, for their synchronized swimming event!  Each team had 10 minutes to come up with a synchronized swimming routine in which they were judged by entry, originality, synchronicity, and creativity.  After a rock-paper-scissors round to determine who would go first, Arwen stepped into the water to show Patricia J. their skills.  It was an impressive feat, but Patricia J had quite a marching entrance and was very well synchronized too! 

Back on the beach, it was time for each boat to bury their captain in the sand!  Well, not all the way, but enough to create a sand sculpture of epic proportions!  Patricia J.’s crew sculpted Captain KCK into the ghost spirit of “Patricia J”, after which she rose from the dead and frightened us all!  Arwen’s crew thought it fit that Captain Hannah should be sculpted into a scene from Jaws, that is, being eaten by a giant shark! 

For the final activity the teams battled in Tug of War on the sand.  Patricia J. pulled strong in the first round, but Arwen’s shorter crew and lower center of gravity worked in their favor and they pulled PJ over the line!  For round 2 some staff members stepped in to help make things more even… or did they?  There may have been some confusion as to which direction to pull, and Captain KCK helped lead PJ to victory by pulling the wrong way!  With the score tied, it was neck and neck – a “strong breeze” came through at just the right moment and helped Patrica J. pull Arwen over the line one last time.   As this update is being written there is still controversy as to who won the Tug-O-War! 

After Olympics were over, everyone swam back to boats and then set sail back to St. Martin.  We sailed around the south side of the island before entering into Marigot Bay, where we hiked to the fort and watched the fireworks two weeks ago.  We had a lively broad reach sail and everyone got caught up on lessons and knots before tonight’s Crew and Bosun tests.


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