Delta 2- Day 14

Posted Friday, July 27th, 2012 at 9:55 am

Trip Update Delta 2, Day 14 – Eric von Aschwege

 It poured for an hour last night, but that only woke us up just long enough for students to rush down below and close hatches – we promptly fell back to sleep until 8 this morning.  PD Eric was out early and brought back breakfast of freshly baked French croissants, “pain du chocolat” (chocolate croissants), and baguettes.  We demolished the pastries, then everyone was given some free time in which they explored the shops around Gustavia.  Some students had enough of shopping and went on one more Jeep tour with Eric driving.  We stopped first at the northern point of the island that overlooked Anse Colombier, our destination for the night.  We explored the point and looked out towards Ile Fourche, with St. Martin in the distance. 

After lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches, each boat went shopping at the grocery store for their “Challenge Dinner”, in which they had to create a meal for the boat that everyone agreed upon with a limited amount of money.  To the amazement of the staff, both boats were ready to check out after only 25 minutes!  Everyone enjoyed early showers this afternoon, then we prepped the boats and dedocked from Gustavia.  We motored around the northwest point of St. Barths and then picked up a mooring ball in Anse Colombier, a picture-perfect cove with a beautifully clean beach.  To add to the challenge of mooring, captains chose to have a silent mooring pickup, in which students were not allowed to communicate verbally while picking up the ball.  It took a few tries, but we hooked the ball and then tied the secondary in good time. 

Staff went to their evening boat meeting while each boat cooked their challenge dinner.  Oddly enough… Arwen was incredibly original and cooked a nearly identical meal to Patricia J.  Regardless of originality, the chicken with salad was delicious, as was dessert of strawberries and whipped cream.  For boat meeting this evening students wrote letters to self, which will be mailed to them later in the year as a reminder of their experience at Sail Caribbean.


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