Delta 2- Day 9

Posted Saturday, July 21st, 2012 at 5:09 pm

Trip Update- Delta 2 Day 9, written by Eric von Aschwege

The crew of Delta 2 had the luxury of sleeping in this morning!  And as the staff Captains went ashore to take care of St. Estatia customs, the crew ate breakfast and then went ashore to grab taxis.  The taxis took all of us to the base of the Quill which is an extinct volcano!  Once the taxis had dropped us off at the base we all hiked for an hour to the rim of the top of the volcano.  Here we sat and ate a beautiful picnic lunch.  As we ate we all stared into the splendor of this dormant volcano.  After lunch we hiked down into the crater where we saw all sorts of lizards, a few snakes, and numerous silk crater trees which looked like they came straight out of the movie Avatar.  Once we reached the bottom of the crater and immersed ourselves into this Avatar environment we then hiked back out and headed back to the boats.  Many of us couldn’t resist jumping into the water to cool off after our four and a half hour hike.  Dinner was then welcomed by all as well as a surprise ice cream social on Arwen.  Nothing like cold ice cream after a beautiful volcano hike.


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