Charlie 3 – Day 4

Posted Saturday, August 11th, 2012 at 4:14 pm


Charlie Trip Update Day 4 – Eric von Aschwege, Program Director

Today was an early morning for the Charlie fleet. Students were up at 6:45 so that they could eat and be ready for their 8am dive! After breakfast they were brought on the dive boat Endeavor to Salt Island and the wreck of the RMS Rhone: an early steamship that was destroyed in a huge storm in 1867, and is now one of the best known wreck dives in the world! The stern of the vessel lies in 30 to 50 feet of water and is covered in corals and sea life. Students were able to swim around her huge propeller, explore the damage to her hull, and rub the “lucky porthole”.

After the divers returned, the fleet left Cooper Island and sailed down the channel, past Peter Island, to moor at “The Bight” on Norman Island.  Today we sailed with the wind behind us, giving captains the opportunity to discuss techniques for safe downwind sailing. Students were able to rotate through the helm to get a feel for how the boat handled on this point of sail. 

This evening the Charlie fleet cooked a meal of Pesto Pasta that was absolutely delicious! We all took a break from what we were doing to watch the sun set over the island of St. John, to our West. It was a wonderful moment of peace and quiet after a long and busy day of diving and sailing. After dinner, Charlie divers went back out for a night dive at the Indians, where they explored the vibrant “night life” that can be found on coral reefs after dark.


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