Charlie 3 – Day 3

Posted Friday, August 10th, 2012 at 12:27 pm

Charlie 3 Trip Update – Day 3, Eric von Aschwege, Program Director

This morning everyone awoke at Cooper Island after spending their first night away from docks. Although it took getting used to the movement of the boat, everyone slept well and woke up excited for their dives in the afternoon. 

Before their dive, the Charlie fleet travelled with one of the Bravo boats one mile west to Salt Island. Salt Island was named for its large salt ponds where historically salt was collected from the perimeter, cleaned, and then sold to the rest of the Virgin Islands. After anchoring and heading to shore, everyone hiked the trails around the salt pond (which has a very unique smell!), across Salt Island and then up the hill to the south west point. From the southwest point on the island, everyone could look out over the Caribbean Sea to the south, and the Sir Francis Drake Channel to the north. They also looked down on the wreck of the RMS Rhone; a mail steamer that was destroyed in the 19th century during a hurricane. As they continued their hike, Travis, Jack, and Culver explored a beach made entirely of broken coral! 

Once back at Cooper Island everyone had pizza bagels for lunch, and Ally and Igor hopped in a kayak for a short paddle before the fleet’s afternoon dive. They dove on the East side of Cooper Island, and everyone saw their first stingray of the summer! Students had a great time exploring the tropical waters of the Caribbean, and remarked that it was like swimming in an aquarium. 

This evening the boats listened to great tunes while cooking some delicious barbeque chicken for dinner. After eating, each boat went ashore to the Cooper Island Beach Club to buy some virgin drinks and socialize with the rest of the fleet. When the crew of Venture came back aboard, they all danced to “Call Me Maybe”, before it was time for lights out. Everyone came home to their boats excited to have made some new friends, but ready for bed after a long day of exciting activities.


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