Charlie 1 – Day 14

Posted Sunday, July 8th, 2012 at 9:46 am

Charlie 1 Trip Update Day 14 – Crew of Buoyant Asset

Today the crew of Buoyant Asset had an early wakeup for a full day of diving! Students worked towards completeing their Rescue Diver certification.  After SCUBA there was time for showers, homework, and a little rest before whipping up a delicious chili dinner for Chili Cook-Off!! Here are some highlights from the day:

Athan: I loved seeing a flamingo flying past the boat!

Josh: I loved the Rescue Diver course, and enjoyed learning about how to save people in different scenarios

Isaac: I really likied the search and rescue scenario we participate in today during Rescue Diver training.  It was fun!

Annie: I’m so happy that I passed the Rescue Diver practical skills test.  I liked learning how to act in different safety scenarios.

Harry: I like doing Coral Reef Checks and getting to dive on a private boat. 

Megan: Today my highlight was just laughing with all of my new freinds and just generally having a blast.

Austin: Today was just a great day — I loved being able to spend time and have fun with the rest of the crew.

Matt: Tonight’s Chili Cook-Off dinner was amazing!


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