Early Bravo Day 2

Posted Thursday, June 7th, 2012 at 1:20 pm

Early Bravo Trip Update Day 2- Eric von Aschwege, Early Bravo Program Director

After their first night sleeping in the Caribbean, the Early Bravo fleet awoke to the sounds of laughing gulls and a strong breeze blowing across the channel.  Though tired from their previous day of traveling, everyone was eager to learn about the boats and eventually leave the docks at Hodge’s Creek.  There was much to do before the fleet could de dock and start exploring the British Virgin Islands. The Captains and Mates gave a full tour of their boats so that all students were familiar with how to find their way around and remain safe on the water.

The Dive Coordinator brought students from each boat to the dive shop to try on their new dive gear in preparation for their training in the afternoon.  With hoagies for lunch already prepared, students expertly de docked Monet, Venture, and J. Phaurom, and departed Hodge’s Creek amidst cheers from the land staff.

There was a nice breeze and everyone learned how to raise the sails as the fleet sailed across the channel to Manchioneel Bay on Cooper Island.  Monet picked up a mooring first, followed soon after by Venture and J Phaurom.  Finally on their mooring, everyone was happy to jump in the warm Caribbean waters for the swim test.  Divers went ashore for training, while everyone else played name games and volleyball on the beach.
Once back to boats, students learned the art of showering on the stern of the boat, and got to work cooking dinner with help from the Mates.  The burritos were so delicious that there were few leftovers to clean up!  Students and staff are excited to be off docks and are looking forward to new adventures with Early Bravo.


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