Bravo 3- Day 13

Posted Monday, August 20th, 2012 at 4:00 pm

Bravo 3 Trip Update  Day 13 – Eric von Aschwege, Program Director

 The Bravo staff awoke early for a 6am up anchor from Savannah Bay.  It was a beautiful quiet morning, but we had to leave in order to make it to the Baths on the southern end of Virgin Gorda for the morning.  Sao Jorge and Vivaldi motored with the Charlie fleet and all boats moored just off of the Baths at 7am.  From afar, the Baths look like a massive pile of giant boulders the size of cars and houses.  They are actually the result of the softer rock eroding out from around the harder granite, leaving the boulders stacked with gaping holes and caves beneath them. 

Everyone went ashore at 8:30 and explored the new landscape.  Staff members led a “Hikel”, in which students hiked along a winding trail through the caves and crevices, to a sandy beach on the other side.  Everyone was fascinated by the size of some of the caves – the way the light reflects off of the clear blue water and white sandy floor makes the atmosphere truly amazing!  Once on the beach, they got in the water and snorkeled around the underwater part of the boulders, seeing all of the coral that has grown at their base, as well as the sea life it supports. 

After the Baths, the fleet sailed down to Cooper Island for one last afternoon of excitement before heading back to docks.  Everyone began cleaning their cabins and packing everything up, but the exciting part was the watersports that happened at the same time!  The operations staff brought out the Paparazzi and the Banana Boat for a spin, and everyone who wanted to was able to go for one last blast around the bay.

At 3pm watersports finished up and the Bravo fleet departed Cooper for their last sail to Hodges Creek.  Vivaldi was first across the channel and had a very smooth docking, followed by Sao Jorge 30 minutes later.   Sao Jorge had difficulty starting their engine, and everyone stepped up to bring the boat to the dock with the assistance of a skiboat and a small bit of sail up in the channel.  Captain Kat skillfully guided her boat and students onto the dock for a graceful landing – the last boat of the 2012 season to return to Hodges Creek!  Everyone finished packing and cleaning, and then went for showers and called home.  Dinner came in at 6:30 – a Caribbean treat of jerk chicken, rice, and coleslaw, and almost everyone came back for seconds.  After dinner we had our Awards and Skits ceremony, where students put together skits and PD Eric handed out awards for the Chili cookoff, Olympics, Raceday, and general boat superlatives.    Everyone wrote airplane letters to each other to finish up the night, then stayed up late talking about home and their incredible experience at Sail Caribbean.


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