Bravo 3 – Day 9

Posted Thursday, August 16th, 2012 at 4:04 pm

Bravo 3, Trip Update Day 9 –  Eric von Aschwege, Program Director

 The winds and current at Mountain Point were swirly last night, and many people were occasionally awakened by the boat being pushed in different directions.  Such is life aboard a boat sometimes, and the students have become accustomed to living on a vessel that is never stationary.  Everyone was up early this morning so that they could be ready for an 8am dive from Mountain Point.  The weather was beautiful with a moderate breeze out of the east. 

While the divers enjoyed their experience at Spyglass, everyone else went snorkeling over the reef on the Northern bay of Mountain Point.  The reef is somewhat deep, but the shallower areas offered students a rare glimpse into a beautiful underwater world.  They saw lots of parrotfish nibbling away at the reef, as well as huge coral heads protruding from the sea floor like sky scrapers.  After the snorkel everyone enjoyed some down time, and then prepared lunch before picking up the divers.  

After the divers returned, Vivaldi and Sao Jorge pulled up their anchors, needing almost no assistance from their captains.  They turned south west and headed down the channel towards their destination.  They got their mains up right away, then bore away on a run with the wind right behind them.  Running off the wind can sometimes feel slower because you don’t have the wind on your face; it’s also sometimes a lot hotter!  Everyone played some hydration activities to keep themselves fully hydrated and energized in preparation for their evening dive.  Around 4pm both boats had made great time and were waiting outside Nanny Cay for docking instructions. 

The crew of Sao Jorge readied their boat fully for a stern to, starboard to docking, in which they reverse their boat into the slip!  With Captain Kat by her side, Caroline took the wheel and backed Sao Jorge carefully past the docks and into her slip for a nice gentle docking!  Vivaldi came in soon after and made a very careful approach with Danny at the helm.  They worked out their prop-walk (an effect that pulls the boat to one side before actually going backwards), and then skillfully backed Vivaldi into her slip. 

The fleet had time to call home, and then got started on dinner of meatball subs, before diving again in the evening!  When they returned from their night dive, everyone raced to the famous Nanny Cay showers, which are arguably the nicest showers we ever visit!  After showers there was a short boat meeting, and then everyone fell asleep after a long day on the water.


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