Bravo 3- Day 7

Posted Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 at 10:14 am

Bravo 3 Trip update – Day 7 – Eric von Aschwege, Program Director

The Bravo fleet slept in a bit this morning, and woke up at 8am.  They enjoyed a relaxed breakfast, after which the Skipper, Mate, and Navigator of each boat came to a 9:15 schedule briefing given by their Director and Fleet Captain.  During this briefing, they explained the schedule and the navigation for the day.  Though they weren’t scheduled to depart until 12, there were still many activities to do in the morning, including checking their navigation and preparation for the day. 

Many of the advanced OW divers had much homework to do, so they took advantage of the morning to diligently finish their work for the remaining diving in the program.  Others on fleet had the option to go snorkeling in Great Harbor’s pristine reefs, but most just chose to jump overboard and swim around the boats!

Around 11:30, everyone gathered in the cockpits to discuss the plan for the day.  Sao Jorge untied their secondary line and left first, motoring almost to Salt island before getting their mainsail up.  Vivaldi left soon after, and then motored east, getting their mainsail up right away.  Though the skipper, mate, and navigator of the day helped to lead the way for their crew, it was a great team effort on both boats to get them safely to their final destination. 

On Sao Jorge, Ian was the skipper, Carolina was the mate, and Lexi was the navigator – Ian and Caroline stepped into their roles and really led the team well, helping Sao Jorge get to her destination safetly and quickly.  Lexi asked others on board to contribute to navigation, and together the crew made their way throughout the islands to North Sound on Virgin Gorda.  Captain Kat was truly impressed by their excellent teamwork!

On Vivaldi, the skipper, mate, and navigator also lead the team, with an excellent demooring.  Vivaldi’s sails were up in no time, and she sailed close to another boat in the Charlie fleet, Monet.  The two boats tacked around each other and then continued on their ways to Virgin Gorda.  They had a long sail around Mountain Point, and upon getting to the channel into North Sound they found a boat that was heading towards a reef with no power.  The crew temporarily halted Challenge Day and Mate Jess hopped in the skiboat to assist maneuvering the disabled vessel.  They waited until a more suitable towing vessel arrived and then finally made their way to the Bitter End – picking up the ball around 6:30pm. 

Everyone was tired after their long day, and still had some homework to do, so it was a quiet night on board.  The captains and mates debriefed Challenge Day with the students, and everyone went to bed knowing they had accomplished something great.


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