Bravo 3- Day 5

Posted Sunday, August 12th, 2012 at 11:28 am

Bravo 3 Trip Update Day 5    Beta Eaton, Captain

Today was an early one for Bravo! We awoke at The Bight for our Open Water dives four and five to complete OW certification.   On the dive, we were lucky enough to come face to face with three sea turtles.  Sail Caribbean Divers did their part to stop invasive species from destroying our lovely reef ecosystems by spearing a lionfish!  Caroline, Jack, Carl, George, Elliot, Blake, Clement, Hallee, Nes, Charles, and Chris all became newly certified PADI OW divers today, along with one of our sailing directors, Emma.

Upon returning from our exciting underwater adventure, Bravo dropped the ball and departed for Village Cay.  The students were eagerly anticipating their arrival on docks, but they also had a bit of nervous energy when it came to properly executing the first docking.  Into the heart of Roadtown, Tortola, Lexi steered Sao Jorge on the helm.  She slid right into her slip next to the Charlie boats and quickly gave the commands to make all lines fast.  With SJ safely docked, Vivaldi made her approach with her entire crew ready to throw dock lines and fend on her port side.  Catherine steered Vivaldi into the slip and completed our 5 boat fleet neatly lined up on B dock at Village Cay by 4 pm! 

Once the crews passed their cleaning inspections (because clean boats are safe, healthy boats!), students called home to update Mom and Dad about their fun-filled days of adventure in the BVIs.  Almost simultaneously, they handed in their phones and grabbed their shower gear to head for the marina bathrooms and turn on the hot water!  Crews made their Full Value Contracts to include each person’s ideas of what makes a successful boat.  Finally, the crews had an SC classic “QNOB,” otherwise known as a Quiet Night on Board to begin their Advanced Open Water dive homework and rest up for their morning dive! 


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