Bravo 3 – Day 3

Posted Friday, August 10th, 2012 at 3:49 pm

Bravo 3 Trip Update Day 3 – Eric von Aschwege, Bravo Program Director

The Bravo fleet awoke this morning at Cooper Island after resting well during their first night off docks.  All of the divers were ashore at 8:30 to continue with their Open Water certification.  They spent the morning doing their confined water dives, in which they swam beyond the docks at Cooper Island and tested their skills with the dive instructors.  They flooded and cleared their masks, recovered their regulators, and practiced buoyancy control by hovering just above the sea floor. 

Meanwhile above the surface, non divers boarded Vivaldi and headed just a mile away to Salt Island, where they anchored and hiked on the trails.  The island was once used for collecting salt from the large salt pond in its center.  From the southwest point on the island, everyone looked out over the Sir Francis Drake Channel at the length of the British Virgin Islands.  They also looked down and heard the story of the wreck of the RMS Rhone, a mail steamer that was destroyed in the 19th century during a hurricane. 

After the hike, everyone came back to Cooper Island, divers returned for a brief lunch break, and then went back to the docks for their final confined water dives.  Bravo isn’t just about learning how to dive though, and Maddy, Mary, Ralph, and Katherine enjoyed learning to sail the program’s Colgate 26 sloop, Opal Bella.  While they were sailing, Josh, Spencer, Kristi, and Ian hopped on the tube and wakeboard for some watersports excitement!  

Back underwater, our Discover Scuba Divers had a great first dive, where they learned to breathe underwater and saw a sting ray in the sand too! 

This evening all boats cooked some delicious barbeque chicken while listening to some great tunes, and then went ashore to buy some virgin drinks and socialize with the fleet.  All came back to boats excited to have made some new friends, but ready for bed after a long day of exciting activities.


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