Bravo 3- Day 2

Posted Thursday, August 9th, 2012 at 11:44 am

Bravo 3 Trip Update Day 2- Steff Page, Fleet Captain

As the sun rose over Hodges Creek this morning sleepy Bravo crew members woke up to their first real view of the Sir Francis Drake Channel, the day was a little overcast, the view was still spectacular.

 After breakfast all crew members strating finding their way around the boats in a lesson called Prior to First. This covers everything from how to use the head (bathroom), lighting the stove and basic winch safety when trimming sails. After a quick visit to the dive store for final paperwork checks, the boats got ready to depart Hodges Creek and sail to Cooper Island Beach Club.

Skippers of the Day, Hallee and Lindsey de docked their respective boats. On Vivaldi, Charles introduced his staff and crew to  chilled European music , which the group agreed was amazing.

Once on our mooring ball at Cooper Island Beach club Caroline, Jack, Carl, George, Elliot, Blake, Clement, Hugh, Hallee, Nes, Charles and Topher went ashore in order to complete their diving theory before jumping in the water to complete their PADI swim test. Everyone past both and are set to start the first water based section of their Open Water course tomorrow!! Ian and Spencer got the opportunity to fun dive at the  spectacular site called Chromis Reef, the whole group got to see a lion fish. Lion Fish is an invasive species from Indonesia, they cause real problems in the British Virgin Islands,  the Diving Community and Department of Conservation and Fishers are trying to eliminate them. Dive Instructors Dale and Jason caught a Lion Fish and gave us a lesson on them.

 Non-divers had the opportunity to go ashore and explore the beach with crew mates, play in the ocean and get to know each other! Fun was had by all! The first crew prepared meal was successful on boats with crew member making delicious burrito, on Sao Jorge our master chefs were Carl and Ian, and on Vivaldi, Danny and Mary. Everyone was tired after such a busy day, and powered down early ready for another fun filled day tomorrow!


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