Alpha 3- Day 2

Posted Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 at 8:30 am

Alpha 3-  Day 2, Elise Anderson Program Director

What a great first day on the water! Today started out bright and early as the Alpha crew prepared for their departure from Hodges Creek Marina. First everyone learned the inner and outer workings of their boats from their captains and mates so that we all knew where everything was. There was lots to learn; from how to raise the mainsail to how to light the stove. After everyone was properly acquainted with their boats it was time for a dedocking lesson. Led by the courageous skipper of the day, Helen, everyone on Isle of Skye was assigned a job to help drive the boat out of the harbor. It was a perfectly smooth dedocking and we were out in the channel in no time with all our sails full of wind! On Persephone, the skipper of the day was Hailey and she also did a splendid dedocking. Once we were in the channel, everyone took turns at the helm and we even sailed around the back of the Dog Islands on our way to Mountain Point.

The conditions were absolutely perfect and we were cruising on a close haul at about 6 knots! Upon arriving at lovely Mountain Point, a few of us snorkeled the reefs while the rest just played around in the water and jumped off the boats. As we watched the sun set behind the Dog Islands, there was a spectacular view and then it was time for a delicious dinner of burritos. On Persephone, Hailey and Mencia cooked up an especially delicious batch with the best seasoning. Afterwards we all had a cozy boat meeting. We all asked questions and got to know our staff and fellow crew mates even better. Everyone is excited to try out watersports tomorrow!


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