Alpha 1 – Day 11

Posted Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 at 11:33 pm

Alpha 1 Trip Update Day 11 – Katelynn, Captain

We kicked off our morning at Monkey Point with a much needed sleep-in and some chocolate chip banana pancakes made by Robyn – yum! Once we had stuffed our tummies and cleaned up, we jumped in the water for a snorkel. We got back to the boat, and had some time to soak up our beautiful surroundings and listen to music before lunch. Our afternoon was filled with a marine biology lesson and watersports, and topped off with a soda float and the first ever power float! We took down the bimini (the cover that shades our cockpit on the boat) and admired the sunset during dinner, after which we had a bioluminescence lesson. We hopped back in the water for night snorkel in hopes of glimpsing this natural phenomenon, which is caused by reactions in bacteria that produce spark-like illuminations in the water. The snorkel was definitely the best part of our day! On the snorkel we saw a turtle, a spotted eagle ray, and a puffer fish. We are excited to hang around Monkey Point again tomorrow morning!


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