Charlie 3- Day 12

Posted Sunday, August 19th, 2012 at 12:41 pm

Charlie 3 Trip Update Day 12 – Eric von Aschwege, Program Director

 The Charlie fleet was up this morning and rearing to go for their final dive of the program!  They boarded the dive boat at 8:30 and headed off for Brewers Pinnacle, on the North side of Tortola, a rare excursion for the dive boat based on the South side of the island!  Despite the long night prior, the energy level was high as students donned their dive gear and hopped in the water.  On their dive they saw a post-larval smooth trunkfish, which is about the size of a person’s pinky finger (but exactly shaped to its adult form).  They saw a sleeping 5ft long nurse shark with a fish hook hanging out of its gill, as well as a few French Angel Fish.  Lastly, they saw a small spotted eagle ray, followed by a massive spotted eagle ray with remoras on top and below it! 

Once back at the boats at 12:30, they quickly prepped for a 1pm departure and the official start of the race to Savannah Bay for both Charlie and Bravo fleets.   Monet was off the ball at the end of the count down and made their way east around Monkey Point, followed shortly after by Venture.  The boats kept pace through the narrow cut between Camanoe and Beef Island, then raised sails in open water and tacked upwind.  There was a tacking duel between the two boats, each working to get ahead of the other.  After an hour and a half of steady upwind sailing, Monet passed through the gap at Savannah Bay, dropped their anchor, and attached their snubline – signaling the end of the race!  Congratulations to Monet for their quick tacking and tactics.  Venture followed into Savannah Bay minutes later, and despite some technical difficulties with the windlass, they were able to anchor securely and claim 2nd place. 

They couldn’t relax just yet, as everyone was off at 5pm for the final Sail Caribbean Olympics of the 2012 season.  Each boat made their own flag on a pillowcase, which was held high as they arrived on the beach.   In the beach sculpture contest, the crew of Monet buried Captain Mark and Mate Ryn to create a masterpiece of a… Bagel; representing the unusual amount of cream cheese used during breakfasts by her Captain!  The crew of Venture turned Captain Beta into a monstrous mutant lionfish, with Mate Luke just around the corner to spear the creature and make the reefs safe once again.  During the Kayak Pull, the crew of Venture tried and tugged as best they could, and succeeded in pulling the handle off of their kayak!  They may have come in last, but they had great enthusiasm and teamwork!


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