Bravo 3- Day 12

Posted Sunday, August 19th, 2012 at 12:25 pm

Bravo 3 Trip Update Day 12 – Eric von Aschwege, Program Director

The Bravo fleet slept in this morning after last night’s late sail, enjoyed a breakfast of cereal and milk, then donned some sneakers for a morning hike on Guana Island.  We zipped around the corner of Monkey Point in the skiboats and dropped everyone on the beach.  Students were excited to crawl around on a trail, and quickly scampered up the first section into the trees.  On the hike they were careful of cacti and the occasional Manchioneel tree, they saw many birds and lots of colorful lizards.  From the top of the hike they could see the profile of Tortola and the boats in the fleet moored hundreds of feet below. 

Everyone came back to the boats around 11:15, Captain Beta (of Charlie fleet) was ready to take students out on  the skiboat with the Paparazzi tube!  They had a blast riding around the bay in the Razzi!  Once back at the boats at 12:30, they quickly prepped for a 1pm departure and the official start of a race to Savannah Bay for both Bravo and Charlie fleets.   Vivaldi was off the ball early after a student untied the wrong line, but got back on the ball just in time to be off of it at the correct moment!  Sao Jorge was off exactly at the end of the count down, but lost an inflatable turtle and had to rescue it before making their way east around Monkey Point.  The boats kept pace through the narrow cut between Camanoe and Beef Island, then raised sails in open water and tacked upwind.  There was a tacking duel between the two boats, each working to get ahead of the other.  Sao Jorge quickly took the lead, as students aboard Vivaldi thought it would be quicker to just aim for the destination, even if it also happened to be dead upwind.  After an hour and a half of steady upwind sailing, Sao Jorge passed through the gap at Savannah Bay, dropped their anchor by hand.  Vivaldi finally decided that tacking upwind was better than going nowhere, and came in about 30 minutes later. 

They couldn’t relax just yet, as everyone was off at 5pm for the final Sail Caribbean Olympics of the 2012 season.  Each boat made their own flag on a pillowcase, which was held high as they arrived on the beach.   In the beach sculpture contest, the crew of Sao Jorge buried Captain Kat and Mate Tex to create a spitting image of Spongebob and Squidworth!   The crew of Vivaldi turned Captain Sara and Mate Jess into a pair of beautiful mermaids.  During the Kayak Pull, the crew of Vivaldi pulled fast and hard, dragging their kayak with Captain and Mate on board first through the finish line.  At the mask/fins/snorkel relay, Sao Jorge ran as fast as they could, and finished only one person behind the crew of Vivaldi.  As the sun set over Tortola, everyone enjoyed the last quiet night on board the boats before heading back to Hodges Creek tomorrow.


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