Foxtrot 3- Day 13

Posted Saturday, August 18th, 2012 at 9:48 am

Foxtrot 3 Trip Update Day 13- Graham Benton, Program Director

This morning was our last morning on the water. The sun slowly crested over the hills and began to warm our faces. After we finished eating a quick breakfast we raised our anchor and headed for Fallen Jerusalem. This is a little island that is just off the southern point of Virgin Gorda and is highly secluded. It only has one mooring ball and there is no development. Like the Baths, the island is composed of giant garnet boulders warn and carved by the waters of time. Van Gogh arrived first so Da Vinci picked up a ball at Spring Bay, also right near the baths. After lunch the two boats would switch. At Fallen Jerusalem, Van Gogh went snorkeling and then headed up the cleaning on the boat, getting the majority of the big things out of the way. After they switched locations with Da Vinci, they worked on doing evaluations, taking crew tests, finishing up the cleaning and packing.

 At three both boats dropped the ball and headed toward Buck Island, just outside of Hodges. The skipper called Graham for docking instructions when they rounded the corner and started heading into the channel. The boats would go next to each other on a finger pier on C dock, sea side about half way down. When both boats were all made fast, students finished evaluations, washed the deck with soapy water and then had some free time to shower or get ready for skits before dinner. At seven the dinner arrived. Ribs, corn, rice and bread with fruit juice or soda was served on the dock off the stern of the boats. It went fast as students cleaned their plates. When we were all done we continued to prepare for the skits and awards.

 At eight thirty, we all headed down to the end of the dock and started our skits. Van Gogh went first, poking fun at the staff and each others mannerisms. Da Vinci went second going through a typical day in the loves of a Da Vincian. Then it was the staff’s turn. When all this was over the announcements for who won the Olympics and Chili Cook-off. Over all it was pretty close but no feelings were hurt when it was announced that Da Vinci had won the chili cook off and Van Gogh took the Olympics. We then announced that every student had accomplished their crew level certifications and the people who struggled with the test where helped and then given a second chance, passing in the end. When we headed back to boat meeting, it was time to say our piece. We all wrote letters to each other that we would all read once we arrived at home or on some leg of our journey home. By eleven o’clock, people started heading to bed, but it wouldn’t be until an hour or so later that everyone settled down. Our last night on the boat, our last night together.


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