Charlie 3- Day 10

Posted Saturday, August 18th, 2012 at 6:43 am

Charlie 10 , Trip Update Day 10  – Eric von Aschwege, Program Director

The Charlie fleet awoke on docks this morning and made a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs with ham, peppers, and onions.  After cleaning breakfast, students from Monet and Venture went out to explore Nanny Cay.  Some students first took advantage of the great showers offered and had their second shower in the morning before going out.  The grocery store  had some snacks for everyone to enjoy.  Many students bought gifts for family and friends at Arawak studios. 

The fleet couldn’t wander too long, and was soon prepping their boats to dedock and head back out to sea.  Monet cast off her bow and spring, then drove forward on her stern to pull the boat into the center of the slip and out into the fairway.  Soon after it was Ventures turn to dedock, and she pulled away from the pier smoothly – all of her crew experts at this by now! 

Once into the channel the fleet raised their sails and headed East into the wind towards Marina Cay, all the way around the Eastern end of Tortola.  Aboard Monet, the students practiced tacking and keeping pace with Venture, and soon it became a race between the two boats as to who could make it to Marina Cay first!  Both boats tacked and soon were neck and neck, but had to turn on their “iron wind” in order to make it to the dive boat in time at 1:30… there will be a rematch in a couple days! 

Once moored at Marina Cay, the divers all boarded the dive boat and headed out to the Dogs for some rocky exploration and navigation lessons.  Other advanced divers learned about natural history and marine biology of the ecosystems they saw.  They returned at 5:30, but had to eat quickly in order to make it to their night dive.  On their night dive they saw the beauty of bioluminescent algae and plankton that glow in the night when disturbed.


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