Charlie 3- Day 8

Posted Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 at 10:04 am

Charlie 3 Trip Update Day 8 – Eric von Aschwege, Program Director

The Charlie fleet slept in today after a long Challenge day on Monday, her chefs were up a bit before everyone else to start one of the best breakfasts at Sail Caribbean:  Pancakes!!  The crew of Monet invited PD Eric and Fleet Captain Steff over for breakfast, and they were happy to join!  Once breakfast was over, the boat was cleaned and everyone gathered their gear to go ashore to the Bitter End Yacht Club (BEYC). 

It was a beautiful clear day as everyone gathered on the dinghy dock ashore as Eric explained the activities  – we had a hike, skiing and wakeboarding, tubing, small boat sailing, sailing on Opal Bella (our Colgate 26), beach activities, swimming of course, and shops and a great restaurant for lunch if students wanted.  At first almost everyone went straight to the shops.  A few students got into the ski boat and small sailing boats for some excitement on the water.  Travis, Culver, and Jack hopped aboard the skiboat and went boarding and skiing – Culver got up on skis on his first try!  Zoe, Chelsea, and Eliza went sailing in a Pico and zipped around the eastern end of the North Sound. 

After lunch, Perry showed up in a second skiboat with the Paparazzi, a tube for 3 people.  Everyone who wanted to go for a ride got to hop in and get towed around the North Sound.  Boatload after boatload returned from riding in the Paparazzi – all grinning ear to ear and soaking wet! 

Around 3pm everyone gathered on the beach and learned from Beta, Jess, and Tex about dangerous marine critters that we occasionally see around the BVI, including lionfish, jellyfish, and sea urchins.  Our marine biology session also included information about types of sea turtles that we often see in the channel. 

Once we got back to boats, we showered and then motored out of the North Sound to Mountain Point, where everyone anchored and prepared for their Chili Cookoff.  The Chileans arrived a bit later than expected, they visited each boat which had prepared a show or skit before presenting their chili for judging.  The judges experienced a real life Jurassic Park with Igor leading the way on Monet through a jungle of dinosaurs – The only thing more terrifying than the dinosaurs was the chili!  Next on Venture, the Chileans watched and judged a series of Olympics, in which the Chileans obviously took the gold! Stay tuned for photos from fleet!


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