Foxtrot 3- Day 4

Posted Thursday, August 9th, 2012 at 12:08 pm

Foxtrot 3 Trip Update Day 4- Graham Benton, Program Director

Today was a busy day. In the morning all our divers went out on the dive boat to the Indians.Our non divers went for a snorkel. Congratulations to our Open Water divers on completing their course, the other divers went on a fun dive. The Indians are known for the large amount of coral and fish species. Black Durgens are common here and often seen along the southern edge of the walls. When we all returned to the boat, we got off the ball and then headed out to Copper Island. As we ate lunch and headed upwind, we prepared to set sail. When we were outside the mooring field, we all dropped our sails and headed in.

When we arrived, it was time to learn about sea grass. While some swam, others took a dingy and headed ashore where Shandy gave a great lesson on seagrass, why it is important and what is threatening it. To reinforce the lesson, we jumped in the water, snorkeled around and looked at the different things that live in the grass (actually a flowering plant) and then when we got out, we discussed what we saw and why it looked like that. Over all it was a great session! Afterwards, it was back to boats for dinner prep and showers. After dinner was all cleaned up we headed a shore for drinks and boat meeting.


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