Charlie 3- Day 2

Posted Thursday, August 9th, 2012 at 10:56 am

Charlie 3 Trip Update Day 2-    Steff Page, Fleet Captain

Today was a great second day on program, wake up was 0745 followed by  a breakfast of yogurt and granola. After breakfast Venture and Monet learnt all about the boat with a prior to first lesson lead by Captains Beta and Mark and Mates Luke and Ryn. After the Prior to First lesson all the students visited the Sail Caribbean Divers shop to get our BCD sizes recorded and completed all our diving paperwork. We prepared lunch and began our pre departure checks. We departed docks at 11.30.  Both Captains did a great job of steering the 50ft monohulls out of Hodges Creek,  the crew demonstrated excellent communications as they fended and spotted other boats. Eliza at the helm on Venture and Arina took the helm on Monet.

Once out into the Sir Francis Drake Channel both crews hoisted their sails. As a returning student Igor was able to lead his peers and teach them how to raise and drop the main sail and jib.  As the boats powered up under sail, the boats leaned over and gained a nice cruising speed – both crews enjoyed sitting on the high side and dangling their feet over the side. For Cherokee this was the first time she had ever been in the ocean and she loved it!!

 Once the boat reached their destinations at Cooper Island Beach Club it was time for diving. We went to Chromis Reef, on the dive we saw loads of cool things, including a Lion Fish. Lion Fish is an invasive species from Indonesia, they cause real problems in the British Virgin Islands  Diving Community and Department of Conservation and Fishers are trying to eliminate them. Dive Instructors Dale and Jason caught a Lion Fish and gave us a lesson on them.

 Tonight our first dinner on the water was awesome, followed by homework club for the Advanced Open Water diving qualification which starts tomorrow.


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