Foxtrot 3 – Day 3

Posted Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 at 11:14 am

Foxtrot 3 Trip Update Day 3 – Mieles, Captain

The day began with an oatmeal breakfast after a good night’s sleep.  The open water divers went to shore to work on their confined water dives. Those who weren’t diving went on an awesome hike up the hill to the helicopter pad, where they played some fun team building games. Later, everyone went ashore for some much needed lunch of everyone’s favorite, pizza bagels!

In the afternoon the divers returned to the water to complete their confined water dives.  Likewise, the others enjoyed a wicked snorkel to the caves, seeing a variety of fish and lots of sea urchins! Norman Island is an extra special place to snorkel since there are actual treasure caves – long ago pirates used to stash their plundered goods in the far reaches of the caves!  Upon the divers return, ocean showers were taken and we inflated our floating turtle to play with in the water.  The turtle went on an accidental adventure when it came untied and almost blew away, but it was courageously saved by Santi, our hero of the day.  A delicious dinner of BBQ chicken, fish, and cous cous salad was prepared by Connor and Danielle.  In boat meeting we established group goals, including cleanliness, turtle tagging, and learning about sharks.  We ended the night with hot chocolate and some fun games, before heading to bunks for some sleep.


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