Foxtrot 3 – Day 2

Posted Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 at 1:06 pm

Foxtrot 3 Trip Update Day 2 – Graham, Program Director

As the sun rose this morning, so too did many of us. As new students, we aren’t yet used to the bright morning sun, the gentle rocking of the boat, and the warm tropical air.  All these environmental conditions are so new to us! Our official wake-up time was 8 a.m.  Rested from the long travel day before, we ate a breakfast of yogurt and granola, after which the Open Water divers met at the dive boat (also on docks) to work on reviewing some of the knowledge necessary for the course.  As they went over some book work, the Advanced Divers, fun divers, Discover SCUBA divers, and non-divers took a ride in a ski boat over to Buck Island, where the group went on the first snorkel of the program!

Once back aboard boats, we ate lunch and had our prior to first de-docking lesson, covering all the different parts of the boats and proper technique for motoring the catamarans out of the marina and into the Sir Francis Drake Channel.  Both boats had great de-dockings, and were on their way to their first destination, Norman Island.  We raised sails for the first time, practicing good winch safety and learning the different positions for each sailing maneuver, like raising and lowering sails and tacking.  Once at the Bight on Norman Island, both crews successfully picked up mooring balls for the evening and had a chance to hop in the water for a swim.  We conducted swim tests and students had their first lesson in taking boat showers off the transom of the boat!  In the evening we had a delicious first boat-cooked dinner and a boat meeting before heading to bed in anticipation of tomorrow’s action-packed day!


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