Alpha 3 – Day 13

Posted Sunday, August 5th, 2012 at 10:40 am

Alpha 3 Trip Update Day 13 – Elise, Program Director

What a surprise! Today the Alpha crew woke up at a beautiful little heaven of a beach named Lee Bay. The coastline was all white sandy beach with beautiful boulders scattered along the water. We started snorkeling and doing water sports as soon as the crew woke up. Skye explored the huge boulders along the coast, and Sophie ripped it up on the wakeboard and even jumped the wakeskate a few times! It was very impressive!

Everyone then worked together to get the boats in tip-top shape for the end of the trip. Abby on Persephone did an impressive docking in very blustery conditions when we made it back to Hodges Creek Marina. Skye also did a perfect docking on Isle of Skye and got the boat right in the slip first try! Afterwards the crew had a fun night on docks with chicken and slaw dinner, hilarious skits, and individual awards for all the crew members! Everyone passed their crew tests and received crew bracelets, signifying that they have become official sailors. The rest of the night was spent writing letters to each other and enjoying their last night together at Sail Caribbean.


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