Alpha 3 – Day 11

Posted Saturday, August 4th, 2012 at 7:58 am

Alpha 3 Trip Update Day 11 – Katelynn, Fleet Captain

We woke up this morning and right after breakfast went ashore for a jaunt to the Bubbly Pools.  We stayed there for a while, relaxing and enjoying the water and having our toes nibbled by juvenile sergeant major fish.  Sondra also taught us all a lesson about mangroves, which was all very interesting!

Finally we left the Bubbly Pools and headed back to boats so we could drop our mooring balls and sail away.  Since yesterday was Challenge Day, today almost all of the maneuvers we performed we completed without staff help.  With Joe at the helm, Skye navigated Isle of Skye to Monkey Point.  We had a very fast sail, giving everyone the chance to sit on the high side and dangle their feet over the beam.  Once on the ball at Monkey Point, Skye hopped in the water to tie the secondary, conquering her fear of swimming in the open water with Joe’s help.  Aboard Persephone, Sara guided us out of Diamond Cay and out to open water where we raised our sails. Matt and Paula headed to the mast to help Katelynn raise our newly stitched mainsail get back up and running.  The sail was exhilarating and fast: everyone on board too the opportunity to sit and enjoy the beauty of sailing.  Sara, with the help of her crew, guided Persephone through the perfect mooring ball pick up.

The crew of both boats enjoyed a relatively unstructured afternoon: some snorkeled along the beautiful reef, while others practiced diving and doing cannonballs off the bow of the boats.  We even got to try out the Poparazzi, a towable inflatable tube!  With spaghetti and meatballs on the dinner menu, those on dinner duty cooked while everyone else did a great deep clean of the boats.  For an after dinner treat we all gathered on Isle of Skye for fondue and a star talk from Mark.  It was a great way to end the evening before crawling into our bunks in anticipation of Olympics tomorrow!



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