Charlie 2 – Day 18

Posted Friday, August 3rd, 2012 at 10:14 am

Charlie 2 Trip Update Day 18 – Elizabeth, student on Venture

This morning we began the day with a SCUBA dive. Hannah, Lucas, and Elizabeth accomplished their 50th dive! Andrew, Hannah, and John from Buoyant Asset all dove with Nitrox today.  Nitrox air is air with a higher than normal concentration of oxygen in the tank, which allows for longer dive times and less nitrogen getting in to body tissue. Diving with Nitrox requires special certification.

After the dive we enjoyed a delicious lunch of grilled cheese followed by shore time. There was a dive shop to go explore along with a super market where Chad, Jon, Lucas, and Andrew got Kool-Aid powder as a treat to mix with water. Immediately afterwards we de-docked and motored to Savannah Bay. We had a successful anchoring followed by swimming and showering. We then ended the night with a good ol’ stir fry and a boat meeting!



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