Tango – Day 20

Posted Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 at 4:13 pm

Tango Trip Update Day 20 – Lorraine, Mate

Today we woke up at Cooper Island to an oatmeal breakfast and cloudless blue skies!  Everyone rested well during the night, lulled to sleep by the pattering of rain drops on the deck.  After a little cleanup, we headed to shore for beach Olympics!  The girls competed against the boys, with the boys winning tug of war and synchronized swimming and the girls winning the crab race.  Everyone enjoyed taking a last swim in the warm Caribbean waters.

Back aboard Mexico, we had a great de-mooring.  Everyone has learned so much these past few weeks, and it really showed in all of the maneuvers we performed today! On our short sail across Sir Francis Drake Channel to Hodges Creek, we practiced man overboard drills, with Connor and Maddy managing to save a pair of pink shorts we used as our target.  Connor’s successful completion of the man overboard drill meant he finished his Crew Certification!  Congratulations, Connor!

Once moored at Hodges we cleaned the boat and trucked over to say farewell to our friends at YEP.  We enjoyed a slideshow of pictures from the trip, ate a delicious pizza dinner, played a game of ninja, and presented YEP with some framed photos of our favorite memories with them.  After dinner we headed back to Hodges for to eat a some chocolate cake and ice cream in honor of Maddy’s birthday!  We chatted about what we got out of the trip, and learned that the Tango crew won the award for Best Original Recipe out of all the Foxtrot, Sierra, and Tango fleets.  We hung out on the trampoline for a while, enjoying our last night together before flying home early tomorrow morning.  It’s been a great adventure!


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