Charlie 2 – Day 17

Posted Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 at 3:03 pm

Charlie 2 Trip Update Day 17 – Crew of Buoyant Asset

Today we traveled from the Bitter End Yacht Club to Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor with “synchronized sailing”.  The idea is that the boats de-moor at the same time, raise sails at the same time, tack at the same time and drop sails at the same time.  Then, after reaching VGYH the Charlie divers fit in 2 afternoon SCUBA dives, and a night dive as well! Here are some highlights of the day from the crew of Buoyant Asset:
Alex: I really enjoyed being in control of the VHF radio while Buoyant Asset was match sailing with Venture

Reagan: While I was on the night dive I saw an octopus eating a conch shell for dinner

Jon: It was really cool to dive on Nitrox, which let us spend more time underwater exploring the sunken plane wreck.

Michael: The cannon ball contest was a blast.  I even got in a 180 degree corkscrew off the boat!

Austin: While diving I saw three sea turtles, and got within 10 feet of them!


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