Alpha 3 – Day 10

Posted Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 at 2:07 pm

Alpha 3 Trip Update Day 10 – Katelynn, Fleet Captain

Challenge Day Part Two! We awoke on docks at Nanny Cay, excited for our second go at Challenge Day. Sophie, Joe, and Sarina – the captain, mate, and navigator for Isle of Skye – met up with Haley, Sarah, and Mencia, the captain, mate, and navigator of Persephone, to plan the day. Everyone discussed the schedule and navigation over breakfast, and then had a little time to purchase some last minute goodies at the shops. Finally, Sophie de-docked Isle of Skye, and Haley smoothly guided Persephone out next. Both boats had an exciting sail to Sandy Cay, staying close to one another and taking advantage of the beautiful wind.

After a couple of tries each, both Isle of Skye and Persephone picked up mooring balls at Sandy Cay on their own! Everyone dinghied ashore, and we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of hiking, building sand castles, playing “beached whale”, and just enjoying the picturesque beach of Sandy Cay. After a few hours, we said goodbye to the beach and motored over to pick a ball up at Diamond Bay. With Tyler spotting, and Haley at the helm, Persephone did their best mooring ball pickup yet! Not long after, Isle of Skye also picked up their mooring ball all on their own. While the staff was at a meeting , the crew of Persephone and Isle of Skye did great deep clean of the boat and cooked a tasty meal of honey mustard chicken and veggies. After dinner cleanup, we debriefed challenge day, and were quick to hop into bed after the day’s activities.


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