Tango – Day 19

Posted Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 at 3:27 pm

Tango Trip Update Day 19 – Abbey, student

We woke up this morning to the smell of delicious french toast being made by Lorraine and Emma. We then cleaned up our breakfast and quickly started the pre-departure check list. Once we were prepared, we dropped the mooring ball and motored to Cooper Island. The boat ride was very fun since we got to sit up on the bow while the big waves splashed over us. When we got to Cooper Island we moored our boat and started to prepare lunch, which was couscous salad. While lunch was being prepared by the lunch people we got to swim and enjoy our brand new blow-up whale named Buddy! We had so much fun playing with it and we also got to see a barracuda under our boat!

After lunch was cleaned up half of us got to go water skiing and wake boarding and the other half got to wait on the boat for the Poparazzi to arrive. We all finally got to ride the Poparazzi which is a tube where you lay on your stomach while the boat pulls you around. It was so much fun and so worth waiting the whole trip to ride it! Once we were done with water sports we took our last ocean shower and started to prepare dinner. In the middle of preparing dinner Lorraine told us to put on our bathing suits and hop in the ski boat, we were all very confused! Lorraine and Emma drove us out and told us to hop in the water, and once all the other boats met up with us they gave us sodas. It was very fun and it was called a soda float! We then came back to the boat and finished dinner and did our chores. After everything was cleaned we gathered on the trampoline for our last boat meeting on the water. After boat meeting was done we watched Ice Age and dozed to sleep. It was such a fun day and we are all so sad that it was our last night on the water.


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