Tango – Day 18

Posted Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 at 9:09 am

Tango Trip Update Day 18 – Lorraine, Mate

Today we woke up in Marina Cay for a quick breakfast of cream cheese and bagels to get us fueled for the day. The Discover SCUBA Divers went for their 2nd dive of the program. Congratulations to Henry and Dylan, who, thanks to Dive Instructors Dale and Jason, are now both certified Advanced SCUBA Divers! Everyone agreed it was one of their favorite dives, with lots of turtle and remora sightings.
This afternoon we ate lunch ashore and said farewell to Marwan, Fraser and Lily. Emma and Lorraine joined our crew and will be our staff for the rest of the program. We spent our evening singing along to Connor’s iPod and preparing our chili for the Sail Caribbean’s infamous Chili Cook-off. We whipped up a fruity recipe inspired by our “Fruit Ninja” theme, which we continued by wearing black head bands and black stripes under our eyes. With Spanish music blasting throughout the boat, we pounced out of the lazerette and hatches as the Chileans boarded our boat. It was great fun and the chili was delicious!

Our boat meeting was a little different tonight, with Emma and Lorraine wanting to hear all about our adventures so far.  We acted out the highlights of the program, including SCUBA diving, sailing to Anegada, painting the church fence, getting woken up by the rain, and spending time with YEP to name a few.

Tonight we enjoyed a special treat on the trampoline: watching The Bee Movie under the stars.  Tomorrow we are heading to Cooper Island- everyone is excited for water sports, especially the Poparazzi!


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