Foxtrot 2 – Day 19

Posted Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 at 2:54 pm

Foxtrot 2 Trip Update Day 19 – Betsy, Fleet Captain

Early in the morning the staff drove us through a storm on our way to Cooper Island while we slept soundly in our cabins. We met up with the Sierra and Tango programs at Cooper for an entire day of water skiing, wake boarding, kayaking from boat to boat, and trying to do barrel rolls on the insane water tube known only as the “Poparazzi.” While waiting our turns for water sport activities, some of us relaxed on the bow of the boats, ate lunch, swam around the boat, or wrestled for control of the beloved inflatable orca. We ended our action packed day with a soda float where all three programs just hung out in the water with lifejackets drinking sodas and socializing as the sun set on the blue waters of Cooper Island. For dinner we went back to our respective boats and made chicken fajitas for one last night on the water  together.  Everyone is sad that this is our last night exploring the islands, but we are so lucky to have gotten to explore the BVI for the past three weeks!


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