Charlie 2 – Day 16

Posted Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 at 10:02 am

Charlie 2 Trip Update Day 16 – Lucas, student aboard Venture

A distant hurricane prevented the fleet from sailing to Anegada today. (Oops! What Lucas is referring to is actually a “tropical wave”, which has only produced some rain and slightly stronger winds. Please be assured that there are no hurricanes anywhere whatsoever!) But that was no matter; instead, we competed in the beach Olympics! A five minute motor from Saba Rock to Vixen Point landed team Cosmic Warlords at Sail Caribbean Olympic games. The first event was snorkel, mask, and fins relay in which the crew had to run a relay race while wearing snorkel gear. Venture took first place. The following event, tug of war, was also won by Venture. Next came the counselor-burying and sand-sculpting contests. Blaze and Rob became a mermaid and a bottle of Gold Bond, respectively. The fourth event was the dizzy fender race, which was fun, but won by Buoyant Asset. The final event was the synchronized swim in which Venture dazzled the fleet with a Rescue Diving rendition of Call Me Maybe. After being triumphant at the games Venture went and picked up a mooring ball at Bitter End, whipped up some crazy good mac and cheese for dinner, and then went ashore for some drinks and chill time before going back to boats for bed.


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