Alpha 3 – Day 9

Posted Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 at 9:37 am

Alpha 3 Trip Update Day 9 – Katelynn, Fleet Captain

Yay sleep ins! We woke up this morning to the sounds of heavy rain and wind that had lasted throughout the night.   After a quick breakfast on Isle of Skye we dropped the ball and the crew headed down towards Nanny Cay. Johnny drove the boat through the squally weather like a fearless captain, and kept spirits light on board with his bright personality and jokes. Once at Nanny Cay, he docked the boat seamlessly and confidently. Meanwhile, at Village Cay, Persephone enjoyed a morning of Apples to Apples and The Last Word before Paula guided us off the docks. Even though Nanny was only a quick jaunt away, Paula had her turn at rough seas and high winds. Once at Nanny, Paula docked Persephone next to Isle of Skye perfectly on the first try. The crews of both boats then had time to wander shops and snack on some ice cream, before hitting the beach and pool to grab some water time once the sun came out. After putting away provisioning, we made Goda Goda, a meal introduced to us by our Program Director Elise. We cleaned up, and Isle of Skye had their challenge day debrief while Persephone had a round of cookie warm and fuzzies. Everybody on both boats stayed up chatting for a little bit, but then quickly fell asleep in anticipation of Challenge Day Part Two tomorrow!


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