Sierra 2 – Day 18

Posted Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 at 9:29 am

Sierra 2 Trip Update Day 18 – Shandy, Mate

Today we met some awesome students with YEP, the Youth Empowerment Project for teenagers in the BVI. We met 12 YEP students this morning at the beach in Trellis Bay. After playing some get-to-know you games, . We divided the group in half, and the crews from both boats taught lessons on marine biology. From Geneve, Delaney, Emily G., and Jelly taught a great lesson on turtles, Kellin and Christian taught about sharks, and Emily and Olivia taught about corals. All of the lessons from both boats were well-thought out and delivered with enthusiasm. After our lessons everyone walked down the beach together for a trash cleanup. Trash in the oceans is a big problem: plastic in particular breaks up into small pieces that mimic food for ocean creatures and cause them to starve from lack of nutrition or to die from toxins in the plastic. One way we try to reduce this problem is to pick up any trash we see and dispose of it properly. It’s a small but achievable step.

The afternoon saw rain clouds form over our heads, and the dive boat ready to take all students on their last dives in the BVI. Diving in the rain is a wonderful experience, because the surface chop is damped out by the rain. Plus, you get an extra fresh water rinse once back on the dive boat! Everyone had a good time, especially Emily and Jordan, who completed their 50th dives, and are ready to become Master Divers!


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