Alpha 3 – Day 8

Posted Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 at 10:34 am

Alpha 3 Trip Update Day 8 – Elise, Program Director

Today was a wild and windy Challenge Day!!  Will braved the seas as captain of the day, with Paula as mate and Matt as navigator.  Students woke up to a yummy breakfast of cinnamon bagels, and proceeded to complete pre-departure checks before dropping the mooring ball completely on their own, without the help of any staff. This was an especially great accomplishment since we were moored in a tricky location.  Great job!

Once safely out of the mooring field, students quickly hauled up the mainsail and we were on our way!  It was a very windy day in Sir Francis Drake Channel – the boat heeled over very far, and everyone had a blast sitting on the beam, hanging their legs over the high side of the boat as we sped through the waves.  We passed through a couple of squalls, which gave us a chance to review our squall procedures and put them to good use.  Once we reached Cooper Island, we sailed onto a mooring ball without use of our motor, and Matt went to the bow to help wrangle the mooring line onto the boat. It was a great team effort.

By the time we were securely in the harbor it began raining, so we had a nice cozy lunch downstairs in the salon.  While Katelynn and Mark took Persephone over to Village Cay, Matt, Sarah, Will, and Abbie went SCUBA diving while Paula, Mencia, Tyler, and Haley snorkeled Cistern Rock.  Everyone loved spending some time in the water today.

Back on boats, we hung out on Isle of Skye for a little while before taking a ride in the ski boat across the channel to meet Persephone in Village Cay.  Haley and Abbie cooked some delicious chicken parmesan for dinner, and after the meal we were even delivered a special ice cream treat! Besides the ice cream, one of our highlights of the night was getting to tour the 80 ft. long yacht that was docked next to us.  All in all, a very eventful and successful Challenge Day!



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